A future for refugees and their families

Digital opportunities
for Ukrainian refugees

IT for Ukrainians is a non-profit platform powered by European digital leaders connecting tech companies with Ukrainian refugees with skills in this field. IT4Ukrainians want to contribute to their integration until they can return home

Are you a company? Do you want to join the project?

IT for Ukrainians is a solidarity 2.0 program. A small injection of hope for the thousands of refugees who have seen their dreams fly away. ¡Because together we are stronger!

IT for Ukrainians is a solidarity 2.0 program. A small injection of hope for the thousands of refugees who have seen their dreams fly away. ¡Because together we are stronger!

The aim of the project is to offer future opportunities to Ukrainian refugees with digital skills and knowledge while their forced expatriation is prolonged

A powerful network of European digital leaders has decided to align itself to achieve this goal 

Europe's technological leaders, at the service of the common good

IT for Ukrainians is a non-profit project. It has no commercial purpose. Only one goal. Helping. To join the wave of solidarity that is sweeping Europe at a critical time. Behind the program are companies and organizations such as the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, CIONET, Wider Pool, YPO, or RDT Ingenieros, as well as relevant professional associations and educational institutions. An invaluable asset to shape this initiative.

An opportunity for the future, a path towards integration

IT for Ukrainians aims to advance on the path of solidarity by offering alternatives for the future to Ukrainian refugees with knowledge and skills in the technological field. The platform will highlight their profiles and connect them with companies and institutions that can offer them employment while they are unable to return home. Employability as a means of integration in their host countries. Future opportunities to help alleviate their suffering and that of their families.

Comprehensive support for Ukrainian refugees

The aim of this platform is to facilitate the employability of Ukrainian professionals who have had to take refuge in another European country. For all those women and men with dependents, we will try to find part-time or remote jobs. And thus contribute to improving their living conditions and those of their families.


Advice on professional qualifications and certifications in the field of digital jobs


Identification of the skills of each person to locate the most suitable future opportunity


Mentoring, if necessary, for their full professional integration during this period of their lives


Contact with companies looking for profiles similar to yours and language support


Project Drivers


Who do we have?

We are a group of founding, with the integrating spirit of broadening our horizon:

  • Mobile World Capital Barcelona: that through its talent and technology development programs, as well as partnership, will manage the alliance.
  • CIONET: that contributes the development and its capacity for business contact throughout Europe.
  • RDT Ingenieros: which provides us with a guide to adequately channel the profiles that reach us.
  • Widerpool: we are the IT Transactional Hub for Digital Leaders.
  • Cercle Tecnològic: private foundation that represents the ICT business ecosystem in Catalonia.
  • YPOERs: a group of YPO Spanish members helping to support IT Leaders around Europe.

And the schools and entities that will provide mentoring, institutional support and volunteers for the tasks:

  • Council of Colleges of Computer Engineering of Spain
  • Council of Colleges of Technical Engineering in Computer Science of Spain
  • Official College of Computer Engineering of Catalonia
  • Official College of Technical Engineering in Computer Science of Catalonia
  • FIB Alumni

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